On 16 March 2022, "Mehr Kohsangi" multi-theater cinema; one of the largest multiplex cinema in the country, with the presence of the Minister of the Islamic Culture and Guidance, the president of Hozeh Honari (Arts Center) of the Islamic Revolution, the head of the Article 90 Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and a group of prominent and well-known filmmakers, writers and artists, were put into operation in Mashhad.

Following, are some interesting points of this multiplex cinema:

  1. "Mehr Kohsangi " cultural multiplex of Mashhad with the benefit of 9 indoor halls, 3 outdoor halls, a large bookstore and cultural products, a playground, a children's theater, a mother and baby room, a plateau, a gallery, a cafe, a restaurant, a VIP hall, and everyday needed facilities has been designed and built by Bahman Sabez Institute in the heart of the Kohsangi tourist area of Mashhad which is also suitable for international audiences and tourists of the region.

  2. Mehr Kohsangi multi-theater cinema has 1180 seats, which increases the total capacity of the cinemas of Hozeh Honari in Mashhad to more than 3000 seats.

  3. Kohsangi multi-theater cinema; the construction of which started three years ago, is the fourth cinema complex of Hozeh Honari in Razavi Khorasan after Howeyzeh cinema complex, Africa cinema, and Sabzevar cinema.

  4. In addition to cinemas, this complex has a large bookstore; Soore Mehr bookstore, which supplies books and cultural products and has 33,000 books from most of the country's famous publishers and 11,000 cultural products related to books. Also, this bookstore, which is located on the top floor of Mehr Kohsangi complex and in the cinema waiting room, has a separate section for children and teenagers.

  5. Mehr Kohsangi cinema complex entered the operational phase in 2019, that is, the building was purchased by Hozeh Honari and the executive team went for changing its use because already this building was intended for other purposes. These events happened in 2019, at the same time as the spread of the coronavirus in the country, so some floors of the commercial center were operated as a place for vaccine injection. This incident encountered the executive team with limitations and, therefore, it took a long time the construction of the cinema hall finished.

  6. In the Mehr Kohsangi cinema complex, a hall is prepared for showing foreign films with Persian subtitles, and two theaters for showing documentaries and short films.

  7. In the three open air theaters of this cinema complex, which benefits from the world's modern facilities, the possibility of every night showing movies is provided.

  8. One of the outdoor theaters in this cinema complex is specially designed for the child audience, which is also considered as a child care hall. The audiences who want to watch a movie in this cinema can entrust their children to this place. At this time, the children are entertained in this special hall with diversified fun games and programs.

  9. Hoveizeh multiplex cinema is one of the big and important cinemas in Mashhad, which has been recently renovated and has a good infrastructure. Hoveizeh and Mehr Kohsangi multiplex cinemas are both property of Hozeh Honari, and thus, based on Hozeh Honari policy, it is not going to compete with each other.

  10. In the opening ceremony of this cultural multiplex cinema, politicians, cultural policy makers of the country, film artists and directors, television actors, writers, poets, dirge singers, journalists, etc. were present including, the Minister of the Islamic Culture and Guidance, the current and former presidents of Hozeh Honari (Arts Center) of the Islamic Revolution, the representative of the people of Khorasan Razavi in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the governor of Mashhad, the president of the Sourah Cinema Organization, the head of the Article 90 Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, CEO of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, Vice Chairman of the Program and Budget Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the manager of irib Namayesh va Tamasha (show and watch) channel, the CEO of Sooreh Mehr Publication, and many others.

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